Our Process


We start with a conversation about your company's needs. We get to know your company before we begin to discuss any options.​


The foundation of a business is the people it is made of and how well they do their jobs. A multi-point assessment of your business provides Ensure Productivity's team with a baseline measurement. Our experience as licensed, practicing health professionals, gives us the skill sets necessary to recognize risks associated with every job type. The assessment takes place in 2 simple steps:

  1. Company Health 
    • This self-reported questionnaire is accessible online  giving our clients a secure, structured way to provide Ensure Productivity with information about their company essential to developing the most effective program at the click of a button.  

  1. Observation
    • The majority of companies have a diverse workforce with equally diverse job tasks. Ensure Productivity's team of licensed professionals takes time to observe each type of job (examples of job types include: sedentary, warehouse, sales, administrative etc.). Our team has over 40 years of experience educating and providing successful intervention for individuals, small companies, corporations and teams.     


Ensure Productivity has a breadth of experience developing successful programs for companies in every industry. Using our real world experience, education, and the specific information gathered through assessment we are able to develop an effective program for every company we work with. Programs are designed to incorporate injury and illness prevention into standard job training policies for both current and new employees.


Hands-on training with a credentialed expert is critical for program success. It starts with grouping employees to optimize training speed and provide a high-quality experience. Employees are grouped into like job-tasks of no more than 10 employees for each training session. Training employees in groups enhances the speed at which the workforce receives training as well as creating a group mentality. This small group, job-specific, hands-on training has proven to reduce up to 90% of on the job injury and illness. The amount of training employees receive yearly depends on their job. To maximize "buy-in" and continue program success, management receives training to learn how to recognize groups that are at risk. When a group is recognized as at risk, management will know exactly how to respond to provide them with resources they need to continue performing at their best. Training for new employees will be a standard part of training built into the program framework. While working with Ensure Productivity, employees are provided with supplemental resources to complement their progress through our secure web-portal.  


We would not be able to prove efficacy of our programs if we did not start by obtaining a baseline and showing our clients how those numbers have improved over time. During each step of our program we are keep track of company progress and provide reports to our clients. If something is not working, we change it until we get it right. This is another benefit of the quality of professional our program provides our clients with.